[I don’t wanna look at this piece of shit anymore

look at this old dickhead
guess what mates, I can’t draw him anymore


[I don’t wanna look at this piece of shit anymore

look at this old dickhead

guess what mates, I can’t draw him anymore

caitric: also
caitric: dude
caitric: to fall back on the old p4
caitric: the partners become partner partners and live happily together (post college for seta) for about 5 years. Yosuke’s 30th birthday is coming around, he’s having an average job with average pay and an average amount of free time. Seta has a well-paying psychiologist job, teaches, feeds the cats and has some smaller jobs on the side. He stands for most of the income, has little to no free time and still cooks most of the meals (although Hanamura attempts to talk him out of it.)

They have a nice, homey, rather cheap apartment on the outskirts of some town. They have five cats. And seta ends up burning himself out, just crashing one day. Doesn’t get out of bed, only stares at the wall, doesn’t even shave.

I feel like such a large sadist.



If you love Scottish fold cats, I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear. Please, please read on anyway. If you are considering adopting a Scottish fold, PLEASE continue reading. This information needs to be more widely known.

In 2008, the Journal of Small Animal practice released a short report on disorders associated with breeds of cats. In this report, the authors mentioned the Scottish fold:

People who own them may be “charmed” by their round faces and open expression (and they may not realise that the reason the cats do not move around too much is because they are variably crippled with arthritis).1

The gene that causes the cute fold in the Scottish fold’s ear also leads to the development of a degenerative disorder called osteochondrodysplasia. ALL Scottish folds have this disorder, whether they show symptoms or not- the fold in their ears is caused by a cartilage deformity that also affects their joints.

Osteochondrodysplasia leads to crippling osteoarthritis, which affects Scottish folds at much younger ages than other breeds of cats. In cats heterozygous for the gene, the disease’s progression can be seen in cats as young as six months. In homozygous cats, it can be seen as early as seven weeks old.

Affected cats may be grossly deformed, with short wide limbs and a short, inflexible tail. They show lameness, swollen wrist (carpal) and ankle (tarsal) joints, have an abnormal gait, and are reluctant to move and jump. Severely affected individuals become crippled and unable to walk.

Many affected cats are euthanased earlier in life due to the profound effects of this disease.2

The breed is often described as “placid” and “calm.” This is due to the fact that they are constantly in pain due to this disorder. Even in mild, ‘asymptomatic’ cases which can occur in heterozygous cats, they may still be experiencing pain due to cats’ tendency to hide their suffering.

Many breeders of Scottish folds claim that not all heterozygous cats have the disorder, because the studies that examined the cats (which were all, heterozygous or not, shown to have it) had small sample sizes.

In 2003, Lorraine Shelton, a specialist in genetic diseases, offered to pay for 300 x-rays of healthy adult Scottish folds to prove that the disorder was not present in some heterozygous cats.

…She has asked a list of 300 Scottish Fold breeders from around the world to go to their vet to get X-rays done. She had offered to pay for these X-rays but not a single breeder had taken up that offer. You could not know whether this problem existed unless an X-ray was taken. If somebody would send her an X-ray of a healthy hind leg of a folded eared cat, she would be grateful as she wanted to see the very first one.3

To date, no one has taken her up on the offer. The breeders’ unwillingness to have their cats examined speaks volumes. The authors of all studies on these cats agree: it ethically wrong to continue breeding these cats.

It disturbs me that any breeder would knowingly continue to create animals that will be in pain throughout their lives. As a cat lover myself, I am begging you, please do not buy Scottish folds. Do not support these unethical breeding practices, or the concept that it is acceptable to intentionally breed unhealthy animals for the sake of how they look.


Breed-related disorders of cats (discusses issues with other breeds as well)

Genetic welfare problems of companion animals: osteochondrodysplasia (a thorough description of the disease and its prevalence)

FIFe meeting notes (leading to a decision not to recognize Scottish folds as an offical breed due to the disorder)

There was also a follow-up email about Shelton’s offer which can be read here.

Studies on osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Folds

Osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Fold cats

Incomplete dominant osteochondrodysplasia in heterozygous Scottish Fold cats (this is the source of the above x-ray pictures)

Before you buy ANY animal, please do your research. If a breed suffers from high incidences of genetic disorders, don’t use your money to support the creation of more animal suffering.

This is important enough to be posted to my main blog. I know I reblogged this months and months ago, but not enough people know about this.

There is absolutely no way to “cure” the Scottish folds of this. The gene that causes the ear to look so cute and floppy is because of the cartilage not forming properly, which is what causes the health problems — even in cats that are bred Fold x Non Fold.

What’s fucking worse is that they’re cross breeding Scottish folds with other cats. As soon as I saw them crossed with Sphynxes (anyone who follows me is probably aware of the three Sphynxes we have and how much I love them), my heart sank. This is called a “Skinderlop”

Breeding is supposed to be about breeding healthy cats/animals free of defects, and about examining mutations to see what the health risks are, if there are any. It is not supposed to be about creating more cats who are doomed to horrible health problems from birth. That is so cruel it’s unbelievable - and people still defend this breed’s continued existence…

If you know anyone who is looking into getting a kitten from a breeder, PLEASE let them know about the health problems associated with Scottish folds and cross breeds so that they don’t continue to support this sort of thing. It is needlessly cruel.


important otp headcanons to consider

  • who wakes up one morning to find the other passed away in their sleep
  • alright goodnight guys i’ll see you in hell

Johnny Yong Bosch [Eyeshine] - Afterglow


Do you know what it feels like,
to be alone?
Well I do, I do…

- Johnny Yong Bosch sings acoustic.








i need a new senpai ur hired

Hell yeah! 

My Kouhai! <3


Meeks is mine now.

I’m the ultimate senpai.

you can have ‘em it’s not like i care or anything

Anonymous said:
dojima is going to get worried if you want world domination  


yes he would be anon I assure you my own parents would only laugh at me I’m fairly sure they aim for world domination too

whispers as I gain another kouhai

one step closer to world domination

im a bad senpai everybody praise their kouhai and I just

dump jokes in their lap and force them to do stuff

then again I only have one kouhai and I suppose it’s self-explanatory.


simulxcrum: oksimulxcrum: questionsimulxcrum: what should i attempt to scribble out in fifteen minutes or lessCorgi-kun: teddieCorgi-kun: a bearCorgi-kun: teddie the bearCorgi-kun: beer


simulxcrum: ok
simulxcrum: question
simulxcrum: what should i attempt to scribble out in fifteen minutes or less
Corgi-kun: teddie
Corgi-kun: a bear
Corgi-kun: teddie the bear
Corgi-kun: beer


caitric wanted me to post this too SO


caitric wanted me to post this too SO

Anonymous said:
So what exactly is going on in that one picture? Did nanako accidentally unplug something??? Or did souji slip out bu accident???? ???  

It’s difficult to tell from a single look as I pretty much gave up on it. I’m sorry for that.

It was supposed to be Hanamura going NoHomomura and pushing protag off, head, meet table and protag channeling one angry Izanagi. Aka it was supposed to be really bad sex and then Nanako was supposed to walk in on them. I’ll try to fix it up at some point in the future, I had been fiddling with it for 3 says this time so I can tell you I was quite done with it…

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disappointed older men

disappointed older men